RBWH patient are best to contact RBWH directly when it comes to specific medical enquiries. This is because patient medical records, investigations and other healthcare information is kept at the RBWH.  Dr Watts cannot access this information from her rooms. It is important to have access to this information when advice is offered, because without it, a mistake may be made.  Her private rooms cannot make or change appointments at the RBWH.

For contact with the RBWH, please phone (07) 3646 8111. 

For online resources please click on the link below. This link will direct you to the RBWH website. Please see "contact us" in the website menu for a list of helpful hospital contact numbers.  

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Medilaw patients are seen in the Medilaw Consulting rooms.  The Medilaw consulting rooms are located a short distance from St Andrews Place, in Wickham Terrace.  Medilaw patient records are not accessible via Dr Watts office, and enquiries about appointments and reports should be directed to Medilaw.

For phone enquiries

1300 633 452

For online enquires, please see the weblink below.