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Pedestrian Directions

St Andrews Place is located on North St, on the other side of the road from the entrance to St Andrews Emergency Centre. 

St Andrew's place can also be accessed directly via footbridge from St Andrews Hospital. Access to the overpass is via Level One. Lifts to Level One are located in BLUE BLOCK. 

Once in St Andrews Place, take the lifts to the fifth floor, turn right.  The consultation suites are at the end of the corridor.  


There is undercover paid parking at St Andrew's War Memorial Hospital, as well as in St Andrew's place.  BCC Metered Parking spaces are available close by, but be aware of time restrictions.

Transport Options


The closest train station, as the crow flies, is Roma St Station. The walk from Roma St Station is indirect, and mainly uphill.

If you arrive at Central Station, it is a shorter walk to the free City Spring Hill Loop bus (Route 30). The nearest bus stop to Central Station is Stop 141, which is located in Edward St, on the same side of the road as the train station. The bus travels downhill towards the city, before looping back up the hill towards Springhill.


There is a free Spring Hill City Loop bus (Route 30), that services St Andrews and Spring Hill.   The nearest bus stop to St Andrews Place is Stop 172. 

For more transport information visit:

Route 30



There are two Courtesy phones at the main entrance of St Andrews Hospital.  This is approximately a 300m walk.  If it is more convenient, it may be easier for you to order your own taxi or Uber via your mobile. Alternatively, our reception staff can call for a taxi on your behalf.

For more taxi information visit


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