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Surgical Fees

The fee for your surgery is determined by the type of operation you are having.  A portion of your fee is related to medicare item number codes, which determines the amount that medicare and your health fund may reimburse. This amount is separate to Dr Watts' fees. You will be provided with a full quote for your procedure, prior to the surgery. If you require additional information, or an explanation, please contact our friendly staff.

Anaesthetic Fees

The anaesthetic fees are calculated separately from the surgical fees. Again they have a proportion related to medicare item numbers, but this part only indicates the reclaimable amount from medicare or health funds. An anaesthetic quote can also be obtained prior to surgery. The anaesthetic fees are calculated by the anaesthetist, and are not directly determined by Dr Watts.

Surgical Assistant Fees

Some, but not all surgical procedures require a surgical assistant. An surgical assistant is a doctor with surgical expertise, whose help is essential for some operations to be done safely and effectively. The assistants fee is approximately 20% of the surgeons fee. Some may be slightly higher or lower. This fee may attract a partial medicare rebate. Surgical assistant billing is not determined by Dr Watts, and is calculated by the assistant or assisting group.

Hospital Fees, Theatre Fees, Prosthetic Costs

The hospital charges patients per day of admission.They also charge a theatre fee, covering the running costs of an operating theatre. If a prosthetic or implant is used, there are costs associated with these devices. Most health insurers have information about what proportion of these costs they will cover.  Dr Watts recommends that patents speak directly to their insurer to determine any out of pocket costs, or excesses that may relate to their planned surgery. We can provide you with the information that your health fund requires (Estimated admission days, specifics of implants, etc)

Other costs

These include radiology, blood tests, physiotherapy and orthoses (e.g. moon boot).

How do I get a quote?

Ask our friendly staff. It can be emailed to you, after your consultation with Dr Watts

How will I get my bill?

You will receive bills from different sources at different times.

1. Surgical Bill from Dr Watts - will be sent on the day of surgery.

2. Anaesthetic Bill from the anaesthetist. Issued after surgery.

3. Assistant Fee, from the surgical assistant.  Issued after surgery.

4. Hospital Fees.  You will be required to pay any excess you have on the day of admission.  If you do not have health insurance, you will be required to pay "all" or "part-of" the anticipated cost of your admission. The hospital determines this amount.

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