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If you are booked for surgery, you will be informed of what you are required to do before your procedure. You will be given information regarding your quote, fasting times, hospital procedure, and medical requirements prior to your operation. Some patients require pre-operative medical tests, which will be arranged for you. If you require an post-surgical orthotic device, in most circumstances this can be pre-booked for you.

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Day surgical patients will be discharged on the day of their operation.  A supply of medication and any other post operative medical requirements will be provided at discharge.

If you are an inpatient, you will be seen every day by Dr Watts.  You will be discharged home when you are comfortable and mobilising.  A rehabilitation stay is available for those patients that require it.  Most patients have follow up appointments with Dr Watts within two to four weeks after their surgery.  

If you are worried about post-operative problem after your surgery, it is important to seek medical advice.  For non-urgent issues, then a simple phone call to our practice, may be all that is required.  If you are more concerned, then it is better to either contact Dr Watts or alternatively your GP, an after-hours medical service, or the Hospital.  If it is urgent, then do not hesitate to seek medical attention, or call an ambulance.


The kind of anaesthetic you require for your operation may vary.  Some patients can safely have their procedure with local anaesthetic and sedation, whilst others require a full (general) anaesthetic, or a spinal anaesthetic.  You will be given the safest anaesthetic for your individual medical condition, recommended by your anaesthetist. Anaesthetic services are usually provided by Wickham Terrace Anaesthesia. You will have opportunity to discuss any concerns you may have, with your anaesthetist, prior to your procedure.  For further information on WTA go to

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