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At your first consultation, you should bring your referral letter. You will need your Medicare or DVA card, as  well as the details of your private health insurance (if present). If you have a WorkCover injury, you will need your WorkCover claim number.

Please bring any relevant X-rays results, or imaging you may have had. If you have been given an online results card by the radiologist, then you should bring that.  Bring a list of your current medications, or specific details of any medical issues you may want to remember.

If you wish to bring a family member or friend, then of course that is okay.  Some people prefer to write a list of questions to ask, so they don't forget.

If you have an orthotic or brace, that you wish to discuss, remember to bring the relevant item.

In the cooler months, is preferable for ladies to wear socks or knee-high stockings, rather than full pantyhose. This enables the doctor to examine your knee, foot or ankle, without the need to remove the whole garment. Likewise avoid skinny fit jeans, tight trousers or leggings, that cannot be rolled up.

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